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Health Experts Explain Why Remaining Active During COVID-19 Is Important

To find a way to stay active while sitting, fitness expert Andrea Marcellus says an easy ab exercise to help keep the core engaged is beneficial.

"I get better workouts outdoors. Is that possible?"

Fitness expert Andrea Marcellus explains that working out in green space can up your game allowing workout-induced endorphins to take the lead.


Try These Experts' Tips to Help You Transform your Fitness Routine

"The key to success in fitness resolutions is to make goals that easily fit into your life you actually live," says fitness expert Andrea Marcellus.


"As you strengthen physically, you also fortify yourself mentally."

Andrea wants her clients to cultivate more precious, personal resources: time, energy, and money.


Is Your Microwave the Key to Toning Your Body?

Andrea Marcellus CEO of AND/Life™ & celebrity trainer says that the key to losing weight and toning up is activating your life beyond the workout.


12 Benefits of Pilates

(Besides Strong Abs!)

"A good Pilates workout should include both high-intensity segments (intervals) and calming, mindful work that focuses on releasing tension," says Andrea Marcellus.


Get Physical! As Stars like Olivia Culpo Hit the Gym In Style

Fitness expert Andrea Marcellus just launched AND/Life™ – a new lifestyle app that helps users burn calories without wasting time.


60-Second Workouts to Do While Lounging on the Couch

Celebrity trainer Andrea Marcellus shares workouts you can do from the comfort of your couch in just 60 seconds.


When Exercising Becomes a Problem for Weight Loss

"Way too many exercise programs out there today push way too hard and lack the appropriate customization for individual needs", Andrea Marcellus says.


A 5-Minute Full-Body Burn Workout For Those Of You On Short Time

Andrea Marcellus is the Founder and CEO of a lifestyle brand with a mission to help busy, driven people to maximize their lives.


Fitness On The Go: Finding Time to Stick to Your Goals

Finding time for fitness is the hardest thing for busy New Yorkers, especially busy moms. Celebrity trainer, Andrea Marcellus, demonstrates how easy it is.


How and Why Outdoor Exercise Is a Powerful Tool

Fitness expert Andrea Marcellus talks with Lori Corbin from ABC7 Los Angeles about how and why outdoor exercise is a powerful tool for immediate stress relief.


Women In Wellness

“My goal is to take on one of the biggest preventable health epidemics of out time — obesity — with a positive, practical approach” With Andrea Marcellus


Live By The Rule of Awesome

Holiday parties bring an onslaught of calorie-rich items from spiked cider to Christmas cookies. Weight gain may seem inevitable. Fitness expert Andrea Marcellus is here to tell you that's not the case.


Pop Pilates Workout Playlist

"I pop on music with a moderate place, great beat and if it has an inspiring message, even better"!

Says Andrea Marcellus.


Here's Why Killing Yourself with Cardio Is The Wrong Way to Get in Shape

Want to look better? Forget about the gym. "I always remind my clients that I didn't get super-fit until I switched from a 'work out' mindset to a 'work in' lifestyle", says Andrea Marcellus.


How To Reclaim Your Time as a Mom, According to a Life Coach

When you're pulled in one million directions every day – it can be tricky to feel like you have any grasp on your own schedule. That's why we tapped wellness expert Andrea Marcellus for a few pointers.


To Keto or Not To Keto

“The keto diet is losing in popularity because people are taking a more holistic look at wellness and want to think about food as a value-added part of their lives as a whole,”

says Andrea Marcellus.


Women In Wellness

"Creating lifelong beneficial habits is all about consistency and repetition of doable daily goals"

with Andrea Marcellus.


Trim & Toned

In Half The Time

Trainer and fitness expert Andrea Marcellus shares the double-duty moves guaranteed to firm troubled spots and blast fat fast.


How to Maintain Your Wellness Routine During the Holidays

According to fitness expert and coach Andrea Marcellus, portions are more important that what's on the menu. This goes double during the holidays.


5 Simple Strategies for Living Your Best Life, From a Busy Working Mom

Andrea Marcellus was a life strategist and fitness expert with decades of experience, and also a writer and actress when her children were born.


Sam Rubin's Oscar Morning Tradition

Trainer Andrea Marcellus and her AND/Life™ App, get's KTLA 5 Entertainment Anchor, Sam Rubin, ready for the Oscars.


AND/Life's™ Andrea Marcellus On Her Innovative New Fitness App

A new health and fitness app, AND/Life™ aims to make it easier for the everyday person to be healthy.


4 Simple, Game-Changing Ways to Get Toned

We talked with fitness expert, founder and CEO of the AND/Life™ mobile app, Andrea Marcellus, about her game-changing ways to get toned that require way less time and effort than you think.