The Way In: TOGETHER Workshops 

Andrea Marcellus Workshops
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The Way In: TOGETHER Workshops

Get 21 days of Andrea's personal guidance and the support of a team as you shape up, build strength & gain confidence using the 6 Week Shape-Up in her book The Way In.

Andrea's workshops start with who you are and how you think to discover a lifelong fitness solution that's right for you – body, mind & soul.

A NEW Road.



YOUR Thoughts. YOUR Successes.

Isabella L.

I especially loved Andrea's "hands-on" demonstrations. And of course, the snacks class was great!

Tina F.

I love EVERYTHING that Andrea and her AND/life method/lifestyle stand for – eat real, whole foods, enjoy your favorite treats, work out in small bursts instead of long, agonizing sessions.

Charlotte S.

My favorite thing was the short bursts of exercises at the beginning of class in my regular clothes.

Oliva M.

I lost 5lbs and my clothes are fitting much better. I'm learning to eat less without feeling deprived.

YOUR Best Body Starts in YOUR Brain

Andrea Marcellus' approach to long-term weight loss and muscle development is as much a mental journey as a physical one. Believe it or not, fitness has less to do with your workouts and eating kale than it does with mindset and how to handle:




Stress Management is a number one tool to achieving emotional stability – an essential pillar to rewriting the habits that made all your past attempts to shape up either fail or only last a short while.

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