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Press are OBSESSED with Celebrity Trainer

Andrea Marcellus



Eight years ago, Andrea began breaking rules – should’s, conventions, expectations – to develop a more rewarding approach to life. The result is her 5 Life Strategies – a code that yields amazing results, both for herself and her clients - physically, professionally and personally.

Based on Andrea's 5-Life Strategies, The Way In delivers a long-term fitness lifestyle that is both physically and mentally transformative.

  • Achieve a body that feels powerful, moves effortlessly and looks phenomenal

  • Create a foundation of confidence upon which any goal can be built and any dream achieved

  • Lose weight with a permission-based approach to food and moderate workouts that fit into your life

  • Learn your personal Fitness Lifestyle Formula – what works best for YOUR body

The plan makes the body.

The mentality makes it permanent."

– Andrea Marcellus


The app is the embodiment of my 5 Life Strategies applied to fitness -- the method that allowed me to finally achieve my fitness goals in a sustainable way. And with the “how can I get fitter/leaner/stronger” question removed from my life, I now have the confidence and time to be and do more than I ever dreamed possible.

– Andrea Marcellus


"I get better workouts outdoors. Is that possible?"

Fitness expert Andrea Marcellus explains that working out in green space can up your game allowing workout-induced endorphins to take the lead.


Women In Wellness

“My goal is to take on one of the biggest preventable health epidemics of out time — obesity — with a positive, practical approach” With Andrea Marcellus


The Buddy System: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, Right?

"Connecting with others helps our body produce serotonin and oxytocin, and these 'happy' hormones help turn off the fear center in our brain, which reduces anxiety", explains

Andrea Marcellus.


Trim & Toned

In Half The Time

Trainer and fitness expert Andrea Marcellus shares the double-duty moves guaranteed to firm troubled spots and blast fat fast.


To Keto or Not To Keto

The keto diet is losing in popularity because people are taking a more holistic look at wellness and want to think about food as a value-added part of their lives as a whole,”

says Andrea Marcellus.


Fitness On The Go: Finding Time to Stick to Your Goals

Finding time for fitness is the hardest thing for busy New Yorkers, especially busy moms. Celebrity trainer, Andrea Marcellus, demonstrates how easy it is.

Five unique, proven strategies created by Andrea Marcellus.

Embrace these five strategies and watch your life transform!




Embracing all that makes you who you are will calm your heart and open your mind – allowing you to power your life forward.



Whether it's chocolate cake, new shoes, a potential new client, or a social event... if it doesn't make you feel fabulous,

don't do it.



Eliminate decision making time so that you can direct your time and energy in more

fulfilling ways.



Considering all situations from both sides will provide you with the logic and balance you need to navigate life confidently.



The road to extraordinary is a little stolen mile every day... and when you arrive, you'll know it's all been worth it.